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作者 这样的XML怎么读啊?

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于 2007-07-23 23:16 user profilesend a private message to usersearch all posts byselect and copy to clipboard. 
ie only, sorry for netscape users:-)add this post to my favorite list

# Global options used by Sandstorm

initialThreads 1    # Initial number of threads per stage
minThreads 1    # Min number of threads per stage
maxThreads 20    # Max number of threads per stage
blockTime 1000    # Time to block waiting for events (ms)

autoMaxDetect false
enable true    # Enable thread pool sizing controller
  delay 2000    # Delay between measurements (ms)
  threshold 10    # Queue threshold above which to add thread
  idleTimeThreshold 1000  # Idle time (ms) after which thread dies

enable false    # Enable batching controller
minBatch 1    # Minimum batching factor
maxBatch 1024    # Maximum batching factor
# maxBatch 4    # Maximum batching factor
recalcWindow 100    # Averaging window
smoothConst 0.5    # Smoothing constant

enable false  # Enable profiler (sandstorm-profile.txt)
delay 100      # Delay between measurements (ms)
sockets false    # Whether to include socket queues
graph false    # Whether to generate stage graph

其中#号后面的是注释不需要读,enable false 和delay 100中前面的文字是“变量”后面的是它的值?

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12862 这样的XML怎么读啊? kingtomxy 1334 2007-07-23 23:16

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