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作者 Scala 2.9.1发布



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Scala 2.9.1发布了,该版本包含许多的Bug修复和改进
SI-1048 Assertion error in wild mix of pattern matching and existentials
SI-3501 java.lang.Error: no-symbol does not have owner with CPS-Plugin
SI-4237 Syntactic sugar for calling mutator doesn't always work
SI-4547 Failure of implicit conversion from {int, long, double} to {BigInt, BigDecimal}
SI-4556 :type - no error details
SI-4588 Scattered method parameter list with default argument
SI-4593 typechecker throws NoSuchElementException: key not found: trait Nothing
SI-4603 Unable to inherit from Hadoop Mapper (new or old API) in 2.9.0 with code that functions in 2.8.1
SI-4614 scala REPL not launching on trunk builds
SI-4659 Change BigInt.~ to BigInt.unary_~
SI-4660 GroupBy in views returns wrong result in 2.9.x
SI-4662 Regression: Source.getLines broken in
SI-4671 scala2.9 REPL wrong result when dividing into two lines
SI-4678 flatMap is broken for parallel collections in 2.9.0 & 2.9.0-1
SI-4692 Implicit lookup failure for type alias
SI-4705 Interpreter blocks on ctrl-d (OS X, at least)
SI-4712 Raw type used in argument position is not existentially quantified
SI-4748 Unexpected return value for Range(x,y).init
SI-4752 Hash code for None changes across JVM invocations
SI-4757 Nonexisting symbol error with separate compilation
SI-4759 Actors: java.lang.RuntimeException: unhandled timeout exception when using '!?'
SI-4782 scalac ignores empty classpath argument
SI-4791 Unnecessary structural type in collection.Iterator's implementation
SI-4821 ++= in ArrayBuffer is optimized only for collection.mutable.IndexedSeq and not for all IndexedSeqs


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783 Scala 2.9.1发布 阿熊 1770 2011-09-07 15:51

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