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作者 Re:如何设计GUI [Re:emarket]

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In theory, you should follow the MVC pattern. However, everyone might have different approach in their implementation.

For me in practice:
1. All the GUI (the View) drag-and-draw under SunONE 4.x (don't know why but as recommended by our supervisor; I bet if you do keep the MVC pattern clear in you design, there isn't any problem to work with other GUI editor).
2. All the user event/interaction code (the GUI level Controller) will be manually program under Eclipse. At this point, I used to have a separate GUI controller class developed but sometimes for testing or prototyping I might embedding them into the view as well.
3. All the domain class (the Model) will be manually program or generated under Eclipse.

I feel comfortable with my approach that:
1. If user want to change GUI layout, I can isolate my changes remain in the View.
2. If user interaction to be changes, I can isolate my changes remain in the View and the Controller.

Of course, there would be chances to have all classes got changes impact under the existence of *innovative* business people Tongue

Indeed, when you going further detail from individual GUIs into a serious application. You will finally forming a framework amongs your GUIs. For example, the common validator, interaction event mediator, I18N/L10N messaging/dialog mechanism, etc. So, for a long run, you should either have you own framework or get used to a oepn one.

who am i?

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