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ie only, sorry for netscape users:-)add this post to my favorite list
pro spring 第48页:
Spring's Dependency
Injection capabilities form the ideal solution to the external configuration of application
components, not for dependency provision but as a mechanism for externalizing component
configuration settings. The question here then is: What is the difference between a
configuration parameter and any other kind of dependency? In most cases, you can clearly
see whether a dependency should be classed as a configuration parameter, but if you are
not sure, look for the following three characteristics that point to a configuration parameter:。。。

想想怎么spring也管起了implements是有必要在interface上定义这事啦。感觉pro spring 话挺多的。

it is obvious that all implementations need to know which SMTP
server to use when sending e-mails.However, we would probably choose to leave the
configuration option that flags whether to send secure e-mail off the business interface,
because not all e-mail APIs are capable of this and it is correct to assume that many
implementations will not take security into consideration at all.


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