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作者 Re:版本控制难题求解 [Re:floater]


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于 2005-10-23 14:02 user profilesend a private message to usersearch all posts byselect and copy to clipboard. 
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floater wrote:I like another approach - for each project, create int, uat, and prod branches, and then eventually merge prod into head.

Are your system cliearly modularized?
how much modules does a project, as you refer to, include? 1 module per project or 1 biz function(several modules) per project?

if the later, there may by some modules shared by paralell projects. without central control/test before production, these changes may controdict each other and made production fails. what's your opinion?

dissip edited on 2005-10-23 14:04

To live is to fight.

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