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作者 freebsd_4_11_jdk_1_4_2_native_mini_howto



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it's tedious to install jdk1.42 in freebsd 4.11.

it took me a whole night to find out all the distfiles that needed.

so i guess i should put it down in case someone will be in the same situation, or i will forget it some time later.

basically the steps are:
1. download all the distfiles and put them in correct folders
2. make install clean
3. done

so most of the time i was either downloading the dists or waiting for prompt of missing file.

hereunder the manifest: (dir in blue)
[user@host distfiles]$ ls
autoconf-000227.tar.bz2 libtool-1.3.5.tar.gz rpm-3.0.6.tar.gz
automake-1.4-p6.tar.gz libtool-1.5.10.tar.gz unzip551.tar.gz
bsd-jdk14-patches-7.tar.gz m4-1.4.1.tar.gz urw-fonts.tar.gz
j2sdk-1_4_2_06-linux-i586.bin nspr-4.4.1.tar.gz xc openmotif popt-1.7.tar.gz zip23.tar.gz rpm
[user@host distfiles]$ ls xc/
XFree86-4.4.0-src-1.tgz XFree86-4.4.0-src-3.tgz
[user@host distfiles]$ ls openmotif/
[user@host distfiles]$ ls rpm/
expat-1.95.5-2.i386.rpm fontconfig-2.1-9.i386.rpm i386
[user@host distfiles]$ ls rpm/i386/
8.0 suse
[user@host distfiles]$ ls rpm/i386/8.0/
basesystem-8.0-1.noarch.rpm libattr-2.0.8-3.i386.rpm
bash-2.05b-5.i386.rpm libelf-0.8.2-2.i386.rpm
bzip2-1.0.2-5.i386.rpm libgcc-3.2-7.i386.rpm
bzip2-libs-1.0.2-5.i386.rpm libstdc++-3.2-7.i386.rpm
compat-db-3.3.11-2.i386.rpm libtermcap-2.0.8-31.i386.rpm
compat-libstdc++-7.3-2.96.110.i386.rpm ncurses-5.2-28.i386.rpm
db4-4.0.14-14.i386.rpm popt-1.7-1.06.i386.rpm
filesystem-2.1.6-5.noarch.rpm readline-4.3-3.i386.rpm
fileutils-4.1.9-11.i386.rpm redhat-release-8.0-8.noarch.rpm
freetype-2.1.5-0.ximian.5.1.i386.rpm rpm-4.1-1.06.i386.rpm
gdbm-1.8.0-18.i386.rpm setserial-2.17-9.i386.rpm
glib-1.2.10-8.i386.rpm setup-2.5.20-1.noarch.rpm
glibc-2.3.2-4.80.8.i386.rpm sh-utils-2.0.12-3.i386.rpm
glibc-common-2.3.2-4.80.8.i386.rpm slang-1.4.5-11.i386.rpm
grep-2.5.1-4.i386.rpm termcap-11.0.1-13.noarch.rpm
info-4.2-5.i386.rpm zlib-1.1.4-8.8x.i386.rpm
[user@host distfiles]$ ls rpm/i386/suse/
[user@host distfiles]$

these files are downloaded from

it is downloaded from

others can be found here:

No one knows except both of us.
ISO/IEC 9899:1999

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