Topic: 在线急等,请老师帮我看看这几句怎么翻译?

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1.在线急等,请老师帮我看看这几句怎么翻译? Copy to clipboard
Posted by: ukulele
Posted on: 2005-12-23 10:08

这是一篇介绍Yale大学的开源项目CAS的文章, CAS是实现单点登陆(SSO)的一个项目.下面是这篇文章中,小弟有几个看不明白的地方.请老师帮我看看,谢谢!!!

1.To allow untrusted services offered by organizations other than ITS (as well as, of course, trusted services) to authenticate users without having access to their passwords.(什么是ITS?这句话根本没看懂,555555)

2.It is worth noting that this cookie is an optional part of the CAS authentication mechanism. With it, the user achieves the appearance of "single sign-on" to multiple web applications; that is, he enters his NetID and password only once but gains access to any services that use the CAS. Without the cookie, the user will need to enter his NetID and password every time an application redirects him to the CAS. (Users can direct the CAS to destroy the cookie by going to a logout URL; for example, Yale's CAS server logout URL is:红字部分)

3.What if the web application desiring central authentication is merely a front end to a back-end application that has its own notion of authentication? The CAS can still be used as long as the back-end application's authentication mechanism can be modified. (A simple rule of thumb appropriate to applications at Yale is that any application that can be configured or hacked to validate Kerberos IV NetIDs and passwords can also be configured or hacked to use the CAS.)(红字部分,这句疑问句好难看懂啊.)

4.The first two objectives are straightforward to implement. The front-end and back-end applications need to agree on a mechanism for distinguishing tickets from username/password combinations. This can be achieved through any logically consistent mechanism that doesn't depend on overlapping namespaces; for instance, if the front-end application wants to present a ticket instead of a username, it might send an empty string as the username and the ticket as a password. Or it might send a prearranged identifier as the username. Then, once the back-end service receives the ticket, it just needs to call up an HTTPS URL, using perhaps OpenSSL, JSSE, or another convenient library.



2.Re:在线急等,请老师帮我看看这几句怎么翻译? [Re: ukulele] Copy to clipboard
Posted by: skyin
Posted on: 2006-03-12 15:50

4.这个可以通过任何不依赖重叠命名空间并且在逻辑上是一致的机制来完成。比如,如果一个前端应用想要展示一个ticket而不是用户名,它可以发送一个空字符串和那个ticket作为用户名和密码。或者它可以发送一个预安排好的识别标志作为用户名。这样,一旦后端服务收到这个ticket,它只需通过openssl,jsse,或者别的库调用一个https url.

3.Re:在线急等,请老师帮我看看这几句怎么翻译? [Re: ukulele] Copy to clipboard
Posted by: tomcatexpert
Posted on: 2006-04-11 14:56

呵呵,ITS 是耶鲁大学的一个系或者学院吧.

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