Topic: 求助!请大家帮我看看我翻译的对不对,急!(论文用)

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1.求助!请大家帮我看看我翻译的对不对,急!(论文用) Copy to clipboard
Posted by: yingxue6666
Posted on: 2005-06-01 10:03


We have no alternative but to select encrypt to protect out network world
Many Security Defend System is based on cryptogram, Because cryptogram is very important for us. If cryptogram has been blab,it predicates the comprehensive collapse of security system in a sense.
If we want to logging in the Internet via the network, The passwords typed in are transmitted to the server in form proclaimed in writing, And eavesdropping on the network is an extremely easy thing, if users is a root users or Administrator users, that consequence will be extremely serious.
So fetch over the password while logging in and verifying as input, transfer with MD5
Even if the database is attacked, the password is let out, others can not use either.
This page has introduced the rudimentary knowledge of cryptography at first, the emphases is in One-way Hash function and MD5.
Secondly has introduced the Java Platform Security.
And then has introduced the basic theories and function of the database.
Then introduced the basic theories of the database and basic functions.
Finally I do a verifying the users’s legal identity of the procedure with Java ,JSP,and MD5 arithmetic.
Users' password is storing in the database after encrypting with MD5.
In users' time of log-in, system calculate scattered person who arrange password that user input through MD5, then go and keep among database come loose ranking value compare, And then confirm whether the password of introduction is correct, if the same to show " login successful", on the contrary , let it login again
Through such a step, system can confirm user log-in systematic legitimacy in case of not knowing plain code of user's password。
This not only can prevent the passwords of users from being known by users with system manager's authority , and has also increased the degree of difficulty that the password is analysed and explained to a certain extent , increased the security .

2.Re:求助!请大家帮我看看我翻译的对不对,急!(论文用) [Re: yingxue6666] Copy to clipboard
Posted by: mesocool
Posted on: 2005-06-13 07:01

not very formal, but I can understand it.

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