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1.Apache Tomcat 7.0.29 发布 Copy to clipboard
Posted by: 阿熊
Posted on: 2012-07-10 00:11

该版本修复了Tomcat 7.0.28中的一些bug,并进行了一些改进,显著变化包括:


注意:如果你使用APR/native AJP或HTTP connector,你必须升级AJP/native库到1.1.24或之后的版本。


从Tomcat 5.5.x和6.0.x迁移:

2.Re:Apache Tomcat 7.0.29 发布 [Re: 阿熊] Copy to clipboard
Posted by: binge
Posted on: 2012-09-20 01:13

已更新至7.0.30 更新记录如下:

Tomcat 7.0.30 (markt)
   Automatically delete temporary files used by Servlet 3.0 file upload (for parts which size is greater than file-size-threshold option in web.xml) when request processing completes. (kkolinko)
  53071: This additional fix for this issue improves the formatting of Jasper errors (or any exceptions that use a multi-line message) with the ErrorReportValve. (markt)
  53469: If a URL passed to javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse.encodeURL() cannot be made absolute, never encode it and return it unchanged. Previously, the fix for 53062 meant than an IllegalArgumentException was thrown. (markt)
  53481: Added support for SSLHonorCipherOrder to allow the server to impose its cipher order on the client. Based on a patch provided by Marcel Šebek. (schultz)
  53498: Fix atomicity bugs in use of concurrent collections. Based on a patch by Yu Lin. (markt)
   Correct a regression in the previous fix for 53062 that did not always correctly normalize redirect URLs when the redirect URL included a query string or fragment component. (markt)
   Add missing getter and setter for roleSearchAsUser option on JNDI Realm. (markt)
   Add some HTTP status codes registered at IANA. (rjung)
  53531: Fix ExpandWar.expand to check the return value of File.mkdir and File.mkdirs. (schultz)
  53535: Reduce memory footprint when performing class scanning on Context start. Patch provided by Cedomir Igaly. (markt)
  53541: Fix JAR scanning when WEB-INF/lib is provided via VirtualDirContext. Patch provided by Philip Zuev. (markt)
  53574: Ensure Servlets defined using jsp-file are available when metadata-complete is true. (markt)
  53584: Ignore path parameters when comparing URIs for FORM authentication. This prevents users being prompted twice for passwords when logging in when session IDs are being encoded as path parameters. (markt)
  53623: When performing a asynchronous dispatch after series of forwards, ensure that the request properties are correct for the request at each stage. (markt)
  53624: Ensure that HttpServletResponse.sendRedirect() works when called after a dispatch from an AsyncContext. (markt)
  53641: Correct name of HTTP header used in WebSocket handshake for listing the preferred protocols. (markt)
   Document the constants that were added to the RequestDispatcher interface in Servlet 3.0. (kkolinko)
   Ensure custom error pages are not truncated if the page that triggered the error set a content length header. (markt)
  53677: Ensure that a 500 response rather than no response is returned if the HTTP headers exceed the size limit. (markt)
  53702: When merging web.xml fragments, allow for <jsp-property-group> elements having multiple <url-pattern> elements. (markt)
   Always make the resulting web.xml available even if metadata-complete is true. (markt)
  53714: Provide separate system properties to control which JARs are excluded from which scans when using the JarScanner. This allows JARs to be excluded from all scans or only from TLD scanning and/or Servlet 3.0 pluggability scanning. (markt)
   Add several JDK libraries to the value of jarsToSkip property in the file. (markt, kkolinko)
   Fix typos etc. in the code that logs merged web.xml (as enabled by logEffectiveWebXml option on Context). (kkolinko)
  53758: When adding filters via FilterRegistration.Dynamic the filters were added at the wrong point because the isMatchAfter logic was inverted. (markt)
  53783: Correctly handle JARs generated by tools that do not create specific entries for directories. Patch provided by Violeta Georgieva. (markt)
   Improvements to DIGEST authenticator including the disabling caching of authenticated user in session by default, tracking server rather than client nonces and better handling of stale nonce values. (markt)
   Improve performance of DIGEST authenticator for concurrent requests. (markt)
   Remove unneeded handling of FORM authentication in RealmBase. (kkolinko)
  53800: FileDirContext.list() did not provide correct paths for subdirectories. Patch provided by Kevin Wooten. (kkolinko)
  53801: Overlapping URL patterns were sometimes merged incorrectly in security constraints leading to incorrect 401 responses. Note: it was possible for access to be denied when it should have been granted but it was not possible for access to be granted when it should have been denied. (markt)
   Remove the socket.soTrafficClass from the BIO and NIO HTTP and AJP connectors because any use of the option is either ignored or in some cases (Java 7 with NIO) throws an Exception. (mark)
   Prevent possible NPE when processing Comet requests during Connector shutdown. (markt)
  42181: Better handling of edge conditions in chunk header processing. (kkolinko)
  53697: Correct a regression in the fix for 51881 that mean that in some circumstances the comet flag was not reset on HttpAprProcessor instances. This caused problems when the Processor was re-used for a new connection that would trigger a NullPointerException and could result in a JVM crash. (markt)
  53725: Fix possible corruption of GZIP'd output. (markt/kkolinko)
   Better parsing of line-terminators for requests using chunked encoding. (markt)
   Further improvements to handling of Comet END events when the connector is stopped. (markt)
  53545: Ensure buffered data is cleared when using a jsp:forward action inside a classic custom tag. (markt)
  53654: Support file:// URLs for JSP dependencies. Patch provided by Viola Lu. (markt)
  53792: Support MethodExpressions that include a method invocation that is not at the end of the expression. (markt)
   Fix an issue when running under Java 7 which throws exceptions when trying to set an invalid option whereas Java 6 silently swallowed them. The option using the problem was soTrafficClass. Investigations showed that this option had no effect for Cluster Channel Receivers so it was removed. (markt)
  53513: Fix race condition between the processing of session sync message and transfer complete message. (kfujino)
Web applications
   Update JSTL version information in the JNDI section of the documentation web application. (markt)
  53524: Correct a typo in the cluster how-to section of the documentation web application. Also fix a handful of spelling errors. (markt)
  53601: Clarify in documentation that building Apache Tomcat 7 from sources requires a Java 6 JDK. (kkolinko)
  53653: Allow for wrapped source code example in config/context.html. Patch provided by Terence Bandoian. (schultz)
  53793: Change links on the list of applications in the Manager to point to '/appname/' instead of '/appname'. (kkolinko)
   Avoid potential NPE identified by Find Bugs in (markt)
  53606: Fix potential NPE in TcpPingInterceptor. Based on a patch by F. Arnoud. (markt)
  53607: To avoid NPE, set TCP PING data to ChannelMessage. Patch provided by F.Arnoud (kfujino)
  53701: Javadoc fixes. Patch provided by sebb. (markt)
   Remove some unused code from Tomcat's package renamed, cut-down copy of Commons BCEL used for annotation scanning. (markt)
  53735: Add support for Java 7 byte code to Tomcat's package renamed, cut-down copy of Commons BCEL used for annotation scanning. (markt)

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