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Posted by: 阿熊
Posted on: 2011-08-22 22:21

Apache Tomcat 6.0.33包含四个zip软件包。其中一个是通用的,其余三个则面向不同的CPU架构。该版本主要修复了6.0.32版本的一些安全漏洞和其它Bug,因此,强烈建议6.x版本用户升级至6.0.33。


27988: Improve reporting of missing files.
28852: Add URL encoding where missing to parameters in URLs presented by Ant tasks to the Manager application. Based on a patch by Stephane Bailliez.
46252: Allow to specify character set to be used to write the access log in AccessLogValve.
48863: Provide an warning if there is a problem with a class path entry but use debug level logging if it is expected due to catalina home/base split.
49180: Add an option to disable file rotation in JULI FileHandler.


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